Ready to Transform Your Relationship with Money?


Clear your limiting subconscious programming!

Transform what you believe is possible & make a bigger contribution

Influence more & Create financial success

Why Your Money Matters

An eye-opening session where we dive deep into your set patterns, the fears that keep you stuck and your energy blocked. You will never think about money in the same way again. This is a crucial piece in uncovering your new relationship with money. I am laser-focused and tune in quickly and deeply to provide clarity, insights and connections. You

“I was at a crossroads, when I started working with Marina, – should I go for the academic profession, or become self-employed? I needed to brainstorm with someone, and that the process would include looking at my relation to money, seemed crucial. Marina was a good midwife for my business….. ”
Alessandra Sarelin

PhD, certified doula, Labyrinth Doula

Transform & Expand

3 month program – one to one

  • a step by step pathway to clarify and eliminate your biggest blocks to success
  • expand into a place of enthusiasm for your unfolding money story as an entrepreneur
  • confidently take action towards your goals