marina kronkvist

Work with me

This work has the power to transform many aspects of your life, not just your money. It is about clearing the heaviness of what holds you back and raising your belief in what is possible. Once you start to uncover hidden programming, and understand its effects, you have the opportunity to make a change and to transform. You can start to operate on a bigger scale. When your inner world changes, your outer world will change.

For creative entrepreneurs and other edge-dwellers

Option #1: Single Why Your Money Matters session – one to one

(We will meet over the phone or skype for a 90-minute session)

We will dive straight into the area of your money story asking (or screaming?) for uncovering, care and transformation.

Before we meet, you may send me anything you want me to know about you and your situation, so we can jump right in. After our session, you’ll receive personalised email support with appropriate resources added.

This option is perfect for you if:

One issue or area of your money relationship is in urgent need of attention. You sense what it is, and you want focused, deep support through it.

You are a former student of the Transform & Expand 3 month program, already immersed in my work and you want an extra boost of support on your path.

This money work resonates with you, and you are curious about my 3 month Transform & Expand program. You want to start with a small taste of the work first-hand, one-on-one, to know what to decide next.

Your Investment: 97€

To take the work further and deeper I invite you to look at the  3 month program Transform & Expand.

Option #2: Transform & Expand     3 month program – one to one

  • a step by step pathway to clarify and eliminate your biggest blocks to success
  • expand into a place of enthusiasm for your unfolding money story
  • confidently take actions towards your goals

This focused, extended & personalised attention is simply the fastest and most skillful way to create deep, sustainable change in your money relationship.

Result: This work frees you from dependency on previous hidden limitations (hidden from your aware self in the unconscious parts of your being). Now you can pay and get paid according to your own conscious choice instead of from your unconsciously limited, reactive and triggered self. You are freed to create your own economic aims and guidelines.

If you’re ready to dive in and expand….I invite you to  contact me and book a Why Your Money Matters session. And you let me know in your contact that you are interested in a longer program.